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As part of our mission to improve the educational system, we offer our program at a minimal charge.

We rely on your generous donations to make our program possible. Please consider making a contribution to The Einstein Method today!

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, TEM has made 42 Professional Development Presentations to over 1,600 educators! 


Donations are used to cover the cost of, books, and educational materials provided to schools at no charge.

We Would Like to Thank the Following Donors for Their Generosity:

Vinnie Johnson Foundation
Ethan and Gretchen Davidson
Mitch and Carol Klein
Emanuel & Geneva Maisel Philanthropic Fund
The Bleznak Family Trust
Lisa Fenkell
Judie LaBret
Janice Ross
Robert Jacobs
Pasteur Elementary Alumni Foundation
Jason Ouellette
Dee Moffat
Steve Wolock
Diane Orley
Darrin Fichera
Roz Warren
Leon Halip
Wendy Wenokur Nichamin
Nick Morley
Scott Courts
Jordan Bolton
David Culham
Susie Fox
Rod Humiecki
Jackson Klein
Owen Perlman
Lee Schottenfels
Dr. Fred Novice
Iris LaJoie
William Bodwin


Chauncey and Piper Billups
Bookstock Fund
Eder Family Charitable Fund
Patti Ann Gordon
Robin & Jill Mitra
Lawrence Sak
Joseph Bianchini
The Sam & Nada Simon Foundation
Harold and Marion Gordon Foundation
Drew Bensonson
Fran Gross
Shirley Bryant
Nayan Patel
Madelon Ward
Billy Birndorf
Denise Kalt
Mel Foster
Collin Williams
Scott Morley
Stefano Poggi
Dan Inloes
Mike Moffat
Gary Valentine
Roz Blanck
Ruth Malman
Loretta Polish
Pamela Ayres
Natalie Klein
Randie Levin

Village Club Foundation
The Serra Foundation
Wendy Gordon
Michael & Denice Williams
Jon and Ann Podolsky
Jason Clinkscale
Webberville Community Schools
Clague Middle School
Allen Park Public Schools
Northeast Guidance Center
Vicki and Bruce Mansfield
Kim Elliott
Carol Grant
Alex Lauer
George Runblad
Bo Wingerter
Matt Buckley
Mike Wood
Geoff Woodman
Marcus Allen
Eddie Tann
Martin Kaca
Adam Weiner
Jason Raznick
Diane Blum
Barbara Goldberg
Mark Brode
Matt Eder
Kathy BIlitzke
Larry Chachkes