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Drop us a call


The 1st annual Einstein Method fundraiser was a great success.

Thank you to our sponsors

and everything who participated !!!!

Thank you for supporting our mission and helping students become more engaged in their classrooms.

Helping Teachers Succeed

The Einstein Method

The simple fact is: all students learn differently. The Einstein Method provides tools and instructional strategies to allow teachers to be more effective in the classroom. Allen Einstein has a strong history of developing innovative educational programs for unengaged youth. TEM was created to help teachers in an era when few appreciate the challenges of the teaching profession. The Einstein Method will provide experienced educators to assist and mentor teachers at minimal cost to the school. TEM has made 44 Professional Development Presentations to over 1,700 educators!


Meet Allen Einstein

Allen Einstein, founder and president of The Einstein Method, utilized his 32 years of experience teaching at-risk public school students to create this dynamic, interesting non-profit. It inspires educators and as a consequence, benefits students; allowing them to achieve their full potential. Einstein views education through a wide angle lens which allows him to see the scope and value in educating with consideration for the individual student and how they process information.

The Einstein Method has made 44 Professional Development Presentations to Over 1,700 Educators in Southeast Michigan


Hutchinson Elementary – DPS

UPrep – Detroit

Palmer Park Prep Academy

Pasteur Elementary – DPS

Schulze Academy – DPS

Nichols Elementary – DPS

Nichols Middle – DPS

Summer in the City, Detroit

Mackenzie Elementary – DPS

Southwest Solutions – Detroit

Wayne County Headstart

Detroit Youth Development Alliance

Help Us Support Our Teachers

Together, we can improve our children’s schools.

As part of our mission to improve the educational system, we offer our program at a minimal charge. We rely on your generous donations to make our program possible. Please consider making a contribution to The Einstein Method today! Any amount is appreciated.

“I heard nothing but rave reviews concerning your presentation yesterday. I am convinced that what you have to offer will be quite beneficial to a far greater audience than JROTC. Continue doing what you are doing on behalf of the youth of our community. You are having an amazing impact.”

COL Pettigrew

Director of Army Instruction, JROTC - Detroit Public Schools Community District

Praise for The Einstein Method

Jason Clinkscale, Principal, Berkshire Middle School

It is my joy to offer this testimonial of the impact that The Einstein Method has had on the staff and students, and to the overall learning environment at Pasteur Elementary School.

Prior to having Mr. Allen Einstein and his team share their expertise with us, our students and teaching staff went through their day with average enthusiasm for teaching and learning. However, after including some of the Einstein Method strategies in the school day, the enthusiasm has increased markedly for teachers and students.

Teachers learned some of the differences in how boys and girls process and respond to different stimuli in different ways. Using that information, they were able to understand how the color of room decor, brain breaks, and how including movement and periodic snacks can be a positive influence on students’ desire and ability to be socially and academically successful.

If you are looking for engaging ways to increase student focus and motivation, I highly recommend The Einstein Method. Staff will enjoy the professional development sessions, and both, staff and students will enjoy their school day even more.

Michelle Hall

Principal, Pasteur Elementary School, Detroit Public Schools Community District

“Contrary to the typical ‘sit and get’ workshops where the presenter lectures to the participants, The Einstein Method workshop was highly engaging, interactive, and substantive. I will recommend this presentation series everywhere I go. Great Presentation!! Thanks for the framework and strategies for engaging students!!!”

Regina Haywood

Principal, Nichols Elementary/Middle , Detroit Public Schools Community District

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