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Frequently Asked Questions About The Einstein Method

Who is The Einstein Method for?

Everyone who works with youth will benefit from any of our presentations.  The Einstein Method was initially designed for helping teachers and their students in the classroom, but, in fact, we have found the knowledge gained from our seminars will help you relate to kids in every scenario, from after school and community activities, to parenting.

What makes The Einstein Method different than other education presentations?

At The Einstein Method our presenters are professional educators, not trained presenters. Karen Boyk and Allen Einstein have over 30 years of teaching experience each, so they know what they’re talking about. They have practiced what they preach.  Not only are our presentations informative, but they are engaging. Our presentations involve actively participating, garnering  great information and  having fun at the same time!


How long are the presentations that The Einstein Method offer?

The Einstein Method offer a variety of presentations which range from a two-hour overview to a complete day workshop with follow-up.

Who is behind The Einstein Method?

Currently, the Einstein Method has two active presenters:

Allen Einstein was a classroom teacher for over 32 years.  He has experience teaching regular education and special education at the elementary, middle, and high school levels.  In 1999, he developed Project 2000, an at-risk self-contained program for 8th grade boys.  After he retired from his teaching career in 2010, he utilized his knowledge and experience in the field of educational consulting.  In 2016, he created The Einstein Method, a 501.c3 non-profit organization.

Karen Boyk was a classroom teacher for over 37 years, with experience in many grades K-9.  During those years, she was also a teacher leader, mentor, and Forensics coach.  She developed a very successful 8th grade all-girl program. She studied and became an expert in brain development and the differences in how genders learn.  Karen has also worked as an instructional Coach for the State of Michigan in high-priority schools. 

If I have questions, how to do I contact The Einstein Method.

We’d love to answer your questions, you can contact us via email at allen@theeinsteinmethod.org or call us at (248) 712-4444.


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