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“Educators receive numerous hours of Professional Development throughout their tenure as a teacher. As a building principal, and instructional leader, I try to provide professional development opportunities that will appeal to all staff. Allen Einstein and Karen Boyk, from The Einstein Method, presented real world best practice strategies that can be immediately implemented in the classroom. Not only did staff enjoy the presentation, covering the most relevant topics facing educators today, they are still talking about the information weeks later.”

Pam Vermiglio

Principal, Oak Park Freshman Institute

“My staff and I found Allen Einstein and Karen Boyk’s presentation of the Einstein Method very interesting and relevant to us as educators. The presentation included research-based information pertinent to education at any level, as well as some specific strategies that teachers could use in their classrooms the next day. Overall, it was a fun and positive learning experience.”

Sean Laura

Director, Allen Park Community Schools

“Recently we were looking at some trend data and noticed some difference between our boy and girl learners. I spoke with Allen Einstein and he shared the research and practical information from The Einstein Method presentations. He and Karen Boyk presented to my staff and they really enjoyed it. They shared research, told personal stories and gave practical strategy information that would work in the classroom. Additionally, they left us resources for the teachers to continue their learning. Allen and Karen were able to engage my staff and gave us the knowledge needed to continue to move forward ”

Jim Lalik

Principal , Pierce Elementary School, Birmingham Public Schools

“His approach with students can – and should – be replicated by other educators, and this professional coaching is part of the foundation of his work.”

Paul DeAngelis

Director of High Schools, Ann Arbor Public Schools

“Allen Einstein has helped to change how Avondale teachers view their students and ultimately how they teach to better reach the students they serve through purposeful and engaging learning strategies.”

Dr. James Schwarz

Superintendent, Avondale Public Schools

“The Einstein Method Workshop was a valuable professional development resource that changed the mindset of every youth worker that attended the session. A month later, I am still hearing staff sharing what they’ve learned with others and referring them to contact the TEM Foundation. As a trainer and facilitator myself, I was impressed with the level of interactions and activities throughout the workshop while providing key facts and pertinent information that kept the participants engaged throughout the session. The information received is an intricate factor in providing a quality learning experience for youth whether in school or out of school activities.”

Kimberly Newberry

Founder, President & C.E.O., Developing Kingdoms In Different Stages (Developing K.I.D.S.)

“When I was 12 years old, I was fortunate enough to be placed in Allen Einstein’s Project 2000 program. At that time, I had failed all of my classes, was constantly getting in trouble or in fights with my peers, and drifting apart from my family. I had serious deep-rooted problems that I had to understand and solve in order to become stable and excel at what I do. During my time in Project 2000 I was taught many things that I would not have learned through conventional forms of education. This made a serious impact and prepared me for my future. I am very lucky. In many professions in life there is a constant need for creative problem solving which applies to teaching young people. Allen Einstein is able to help teachers and students understand ways in order to do so specific to their situations. ”

Alex Lauer

Former Project 2000 Student

“Allen Einstein and Karen Boyk, of the The Einstein Method, presented to my Schoolcraft College class. My students are in the Alternate Route to Certification Program, all working towards becoming certified teachers. My students found the information presented to be more helpful than any other Professional Development they had been to. The information about how boys’ and girls’ brains work differently was invaluable. The presentation was appropriately paced to keep attention, yet in depth enough to provide easy-to-use techniques and websites that the students could take to their classrooms immediately. Many indicated that they would begin using Brain Breaks to increase attention and productivity. They were also anxious to try the 8-page book, and other strategies. An evening well spent!”

Luanne Kairis

Adjunct Instructor, Schoolcraft College

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