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Trauma Informed Teaching 

Social & Emotional Strategies for the Classroom



What we have to offer

The Einstein Method Teacher and Staff Professional Development presentation, Trauma Informed Teaching includes: • creating a safe environment • what is success • calm down spaces  • public speaking • discussion of Total Health • present and model brain breaks • structuring routines • encourage teachers to create relationships between teachers and students • share virtual websites with great resources for teachers and parents.



The Einstein Method Parent Professional Development presentation walks the parent through ways to support their student at home. The material includes:   •the role of being a parent • the importance of a proper learning environment and structuring routines • promote the value of family reading time • present and model brain breaks • stress need for students to have social interaction • share virtual websites with great resources for parents.


We are pleased that we are able to offer this program for a minimal fee.


There are inherent differences in how students learn. A great deal of current research confirms this. In and out of the classroom, this valuable data can help all of us help children. The Einstein Method workshops provide knowledge and insight into how all students approach learning. Basic brain differences, along with practical applications using this knowledge, will be provided in these workshops. This powerful information will enlighten teachers with ways to improve the environment and atmosphere of their classroom. It is important not to ignore recent brain research that will help alleviate some of the problems facing our failing schools.


The Einstein Method programs are presented by Mr. Allen Einstein and Ms. Karen Boyk, veteran teachers who have years of experience teaching single gender classes, who offer a variety of presentations, from an one hour overview to a complete day workshop with follow-up. We would love to discuss your school’s level of participation at your earliest convenience.


For more information about our current programs, or to schedule a  presentation at your school, please contact us today.

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