We believe that the present educational system is broken.


 Some methods used to educate students in classroom are outdated.  Schools do not have funds to provide unique opportunities and after-school programs.  It is imperative that we reconstruct and redefine the process of educating our teachers and children.  In this era, where children who are under-achievers fall through the cracks, the feasibility of them becoming detrimental to our society has never been more prevalent.  

The Einstein Method provides the tools and instruction to allow teachers to be more effective in the classroom.  Students learn differently. Allen Einstein has a strong history of developing innovative educational programs for at-risk youth. We help educators create an environment of success for non-performing students through seven core principles.

The 7 Primary Principles of The Einstein Method

1.  To enable staff to help students master skills necessary for 21st century learning.

2.  To have staff recognize that boys and girls learn differently.

3.  To increase awareness of options for vocational trade programs in their local communities.

4.  To develop academic confidence to use knowledge effectively for attending trade school or college.

5.  To provide opportunities where students' self-defeating behaviors can be altered, where they can be motivated by experiencing accomplishments, and encouraged to approach their education with confidence, improved skills, and bright hope.

6.  To provide for participation in service-learning experiences.

 7.  To help staff coach students to become productive, contributing members of  society.